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Last update 06/07/2023

Free shipping

Sellers using the Mercado Envios shipping module, mode 1 or mode 2, are able to list items offering one of the shipping methods for free. This type of shipping has some benefits: it is a superior shopping experience for the buyer, it is highlighted in the search results, and buyers can filter listings that offer free shipping.

Products with free shipping

curl -X GET 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN'$ITEM_ID

The free_shipping field, boolean, indicates whether the queried item has free shipping or not.


Offer free shipping mode for the all country


"title": "Titulo del item",
"shipping": {
  "mode": "me2",
  "local_pick_up": false,
  "free_methods": [

Offer free shipping for custom shipping

For countries where Mercado Envios is active, you can add custom shipping free in categories that do not accept ME.

"shipping": {
        "mode": "not_specified",
        "local_pick_up": false,
        "free_shipping": true,
        "methods": [],
        "costs": []