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Última actualización 01/11/2023

Shopping cart orders

Shopping cart is available in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Colombia. Soon in Uruguay.

With the shopping cart, shoppers can get more out of shipping. When they are visiting your products, we will recommend your another for them to add to the cart. If they buy multiple products from you, buyers can get free shipping or discounts on shipping.

With the current JSON structure of orders, shipping information is not available, only the identification will be. In this way, you can get additional information in the Shipments API.
To work with the last JSON, when you request GET, send the "x-format-new: true" parameter. The rest of the resource structure will work with some updates that you have consider.


curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN'


curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN'


    "id": 2053577644,
    "date_created": "2019-06-13T09:20:02.000-04:00",
    "date_closed": "2019-06-13T09:20:08.000-04:00",
    "last_updated": "2019-06-13T09:20:08.000-04:00",
    "manufacturing_ending_date": null,
    "feedback": {
        "sale": null,
        "purchase": null
    "mediations": [],
    "comments": null,
    "pack_id": 2000000101334825,
    "pickup_id": null,
    "order_request": {
        "return": null,
        "change": null
    "fulfilled": null,
    "total_amount": 9.99,
    "paid_amount": 9.99,
    "coupon": {
        "id": null,
        "amount": 0
    "expiration_date": "2019-07-11T09:20:08.000-04:00",
    "order_items": [
            "item": {
                "id": "MLB1226730704",
                "title": "Produto Teste - Não Ofertar",
                "category_id": "MLB11742",
                "variation_id": null,
                "seller_custom_field": null,
                "variation_attributes": [],
                "warranty": "12 months",
                "condition": "new",
                "seller_sku": null
            "quantity": 1,
            "unit_price": 9.99,
            "full_unit_price": 9.99,
            "currency_id": "BRL",
            "manufacturing_days": null
    "currency_id": "BRL",
    "payments": [
            "id": 4863317779,
            "order_id": 2053577644,
            "payer_id": 419067349,
            "collector": {
                "id": 419059118
            "card_id": null,
            "site_id": "MLB",
            "reason": "Produto Teste - Não Ofertar",
            "payment_method_id": "account_money",
            "currency_id": "BRL",
            "installments": 1,
            "issuer_id": null,
            "atm_transfer_reference": {
                "company_id": null,
                "transaction_id": null
            "coupon_id": null,
            "activation_uri": null,
            "operation_type": "regular_payment",
            "payment_type": "account_money",
            "available_actions": [
            "status": "approved",
            "status_code": null,
            "status_detail": "accredited",
            "transaction_amount": 9.99,
            "taxes_amount": 0,
            "shipping_cost": 0,
            "coupon_amount": 0,
            "overpaid_amount": 0,
            "total_paid_amount": 9.99,
            "installment_amount": null,
            "deferred_period": null,
            "date_approved": "2019-06-13T09:20:07.000-04:00",
            "authorization_code": null,
            "transaction_order_id": null,
            "date_created": "2019-06-13T09:20:07.000-04:00",
            "date_last_modified": "2019-06-13T09:20:07.000-04:00"
    "shipping": {
        "id": 27987243797
    "status": "paid",
    "status_detail": null,
    "tags": [
    "buyer": {
        "id": 419067349,
        "nickname": "TT763866",
        "email": "",        },
        "first_name": "Test",
        "last_name": "Test",
        "billing_info": {
            "doc_type": "CPF",
            "doc_number": "78525276200"
    "seller": {
        "id": 419059118,
        "nickname": "TETE8288849",
        "email": "",
        "phone": {
            "area_code": "01",
            "extension": "",
            "number": "1111-1111",
            "verified": false
        "alternative_phone": {
            "area_code": "",
            "extension": "",
            "number": ""
        "first_name": "Test",
        "last_name": "Test"
    "taxes": {
        "amount": null,
        "currency_id": null

The response do not return the total_amount_with_shipping field that have to be calculated. To understand the meaning of each parameter, make this request:

curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN'
We recommend that you review the details of all discounts applied on a sale. It is possible to obtain these details with the /discounts resource.

Total_amount_with_shipping calculation

Request to calculate total amount with shipping.


  • The pack_order tag is automatically created to determine if the order is associated to a shopping cart, and neither the buyer nor the seller an delete it.
  • The pack_id field shows the shopping cart number associated with the order.
  • If the order is not associated to a Shopping Cart and the transaction modality is “to be agreed with the seller,” you will no longer receive a status to be agreed, since the shipping ID will be directly null. This means that you should contact the buyer to agree on the shipment method.
  • You will only have the shipping ID to look for information in the new Shipping resources.
  • Despite the existing order, shipment creation may be delayed. In such case, the ID will be null until shipment creation. If this happens you will be notified.
  • The “delivered/not delivered” tags will no longer be automatically added. They will be marked only if the integrator makes a PUT with the defined tag.
  • If the payment is rejected or returned, orders with paid status will be cancelled. In this case, you will receive a notification to learn about the order status change.
While the Order will continue showing the "seller_custom_field" field, it will show the data loaded with the following criteria to select SKU information of
1- SELLER_SKU from variation attributes
2- seller_custom_field from variation
3- SELLER_SKU from item attributes, and
4- seller_custom_field from item.

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