Payment Handling

In line with the new Shopping Cart changes to take into account, we will show you how to handle payments with this new feature. Just like today, the buyer may pay the purchase cost by any payment method offered by Mercado Pago within Mercado Libre. These payments are referred to as Inbound Payments, i.e., the buyer's payments to an internal Mercado Pago account. Besides, if the purchase is paid in full, the Inbound Payments money is allocated among the relevant orders and shipments to generate Outbound Payments.

- Outbound Payments are always money payments made to Mercado Pago accounts.
- While the seller is the Outbound Payments' collector, the above internal Mercado Pago account is the payer.
- Order payments will be notified to sellers, who will be the only people with access to them.


curl -X GET$PAYMENT_ID?access_token=


curl -X GET



   "description":"Talla Chica Camisa Faja Cinturilla Quemadora Grasa Hombre",



      "last_name":"Contreras Pallares"


Data received within "payer" correspond to Mercado Pago internal account and not to the buyer.

For more information on how to use the “payments” resource, check the available Manage Sales documentation.

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