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Descubre toda la información que debes conocer sobre las APIs de Mercado Shops.
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Última actualización 01/11/2023

Sales management

With these resources you can identify Mercado Shops orders, check their details and know the possible status of the order.

Search orders

With the mshops tag you can identify Mercado Shops orders.


curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN' -H x-format-new: true$ORDER_ID


curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN' -H x-format-new: true


    "id": 2063200914,
    "date_created": "2019-06-24T15:53:04.000-04:00",
    "date_closed": "2019-06-24T15:53:06.000-04:00",
    "last_updated": "2019-06-24T15:53:06.000-04:00",
    "manufacturing_ending_date": null,
    "feedback": {...},
    "mediations": [],
    "comments": null,
    "pack_id": null,
    "pickup_id": null,
    "order_request": {...},
    "fulfilled": null,
    "total_amount": 25,
    "paid_amount": 31.9,
    "coupon": {...},
    "expiration_date": "2019-07-22T15:53:06.000-04:00",
    "order_items": [...],
    "currency_id": "BRL",
    "payments": [...],
    "shipping": {...},
    "status": "paid",
    "status_detail": null,
    "tags": [
    "buyer": {...},
    "seller": {...},
    "taxes": {...}

View order details

Make request with mshops tag.


curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN'$SELLER_ID&tags=mshops
We recommend that you review the details of all discounts applied on a sale. It is possible to obtain these details with the /discounts resource.

Order status

confirmed: order in initial status, but not yet paid.
payment_required: order that needs the payment to be confirmed to display the user's information.
payment_in_process: order with an associated payment, but it has not yet been accredited.
partially_paid: order with an associated payment accredited, but it is still not enough.
paid: order with an associated and accredited payment.
cancelled: incomplete order. Check reasons for cancellation.

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