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Última actualización 07/02/2024

Blocked messages

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Check blocked messages


curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN'$PACK_ID/sellers/$SELLER_ID?tag=post_sale


curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN'


    "paging": {
        "limit": 10,
        "offset": 0,
        "total": 4
    "conversation_status": {
        "path": "/packs/22175467/sellers/32086568493",
        "status": "blocked",
        "substatus": "blocked_by_buyer",
        "status_date": "2020-01-10T19:58:04.317Z",
        "status_update_allowed": false,
        "claim_ids": null,
        "shipping_id": null
    "messages": [...]

Learn more the response fields and reasons (substatus) for which we block certain after-sales messages to improve the buyer experience:

status: this field admits two values:

  • active: the conversation is open to send/receive messages
  • blocked: the conversation is closed to send/receive messages


  • blocked_by_time: the seller may respond in all cases as long as 30 days have not elapsed since the last message that was sent. The period to receive messages has expired and will only be reopened if the buyer so decides.
  • blocked_by_buyer: the buyer decides to block the reception of messages.
  • bloqued_by_mediation: there is an ongoing mediation between the buyer and the seller.
  • blocked_by_fulfillment: Being a sale with Fulfillment, the messages will be available when the package is delivered (shipping status: delivered).
  • blocked_by_payment: The payment has not yet been made (by the buyer) or has not yet been impacted.
    An order is not paid when it has any of the status payment_required, payment_in_process or partially_paid. This block is temporary until the payment is made and has impacted on the order. The update is not instantaneous, so we recommend waiting 60 seconds for it to have an impact.
  • blocked_by_conversation_initiated_by_seller: the purchase in its entirety is of Supermarket products, and the seller initiates the conversation. This block applies in Argentina, Mexico and Brazil. When the buyer starts the conversation, the seller's messaging will not be blocked.
  • blocked_by_conversation_initiated_by_seller_limited: This block applies to Mercado Envios 2 sales in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia. You must use the Reasons to communicate resource. When the buyer starts the conversation, the seller's messaging will not be blocked.
  • blocked_by_mediation_fbm: the seller is unable to communicate as there is ongoing mediation on a Fulfillment sale.
  • blocked_by_guest_shops: messaging is blocked since the purchase was made by a guest user in mshops.
  • blocked_by_conversation_expired: the messaging is blocked and the messages for the seller and for the buyer are not returned when ML detects that 18 months have passed since the purchase date.
  • blocked_by_refund: the seller is unable to communicate with the buyer as a partial or full refund of the order has been made. It will only be reopened if the buyer sends a new message.
  • blocked_by_claim_change_closed: the post sale communication is blocked because there was a product change.
  • blocked_by_claim_change_change: the claim communication is blocked because there is an ongoing product change associated with the order.

status_date: is the date when the conversation status was updated.

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