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Última actualización 03/10/2023

Image Moderation

Currently, the moderation for poor quality images can be under the status active or paused and have the tag poor_quality_thumbnail. Check more recommendations to take good photos of Products, Fashion, Vehicles, Real estate and services.

  1. Validate the image upload flow of the items. It is important that you use the endpoint which allows you to upload images and validate their quality
  2. Make sure that the images do not contain violations and then are moderated publications, use the endpoint$PICTURE_ID/errors.

  3. Consult items with image moderation

    To get the items with image moderation, you must filter those active items with poor_quality_thumbnail tag.

    To add the tag "poor_quality_thumbnail" to a test item, upload your test user data in the support by site: Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Uruguay, Peru.


    curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN'


        "seller_id": "288230145",
        "results": [
        "paging": {…},
        "query": null,
        "orders": [...],
        "available_orders": [...]

    Consult image moderation


    curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN'


      "infractions": [
              "id": "1083677517",
              "date_created": "2022-12-21T10:26:46.769-0400",
              "user_id": "453616333",
              "related_item_id": "MLA1259572000",
              "element_id": "MLA1259572000",
              "element_type": "ITM",
              "site_id": "MLA",
              "filter_subgroup": "PQT",
              "reason": "Tu foto de portada no tiene fondo blanco puro. Corregila para recuperar exposición.",
              "remedy": "Para recuperar tu exposición, corrige el fondo de tu foto de portada
    El fondo de tu foto debe ser blanco puro, ¡no uses texturas o elementos de fondo!" } ], "paging": { "offset": 0, "limit": 20, "total": 1 }, "sorting_type": "date_created_desc" }

    Learn more about working with images.