Last update 14/07/2022


The Bookmarks feature explains itself, being a way to keep the items you’re interested associated to a user. You can manage bookmarks through the Bookmarks API Resource, adding or removing references, which are synchronized with mobile apps.

Get your bookmarks

Use the following url In order to retrieve your bookmarks:


curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN'


	"bookmarked_date": "2012-07-20T10:22:04.736-04:00",
	"item_id": "MLA428108770",
	"bookmarked_date": "2012-07-17T16:46:46.079-04:00",
	"item_id": "MLA428424006",
	"bookmarked_date": "2012-07-13T16:41:43.937-04:00",
	"item_id": "MLA428112474",

Bookmark an item

To bookmark an item, do as it follows:


curl -X POST -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d

Remove a bookmark

Bookmarks can be removed any time you want by simply deleting the reference.


curl -X DELETE -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN'
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