Questions & Answers

As of September 28, 2020, we will hide, for security reasons, the buyer's email, telephone and name in the response of the /questions/search and /my/received_questions/search. You can get this data in the resource /questions/$QUESTION_ID.
To learn the new JSON structure, use the api_version=2 parameter and get questions and responses with the new structure before date mentioned.

This examples will help you manage questions and answers.

Resource Description Example
/questions/search?item={Item_id} Search any question made to user's items. GET
/questions Ask questions on other user's items. POST
/answers Answer questions made on your items. POST
/questions/{Question_id} Retrieves information for an specific question ID. GET
/users/{Seller_id}/questions_blacklist/$Buyerid Manage questions blacklist. GET GET POST DELETE
/my/received_questions/search Received questions by user. GET
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