Last update 07/06/2022

Orders & Feedback

This examples will help you manage orders & user's feedback.

Resource Description Example
/orders/search?seller=$SELLER_ID Search the orders from a seller. GET
/orders/search?seller=$SELLER_ID&q=$ORDER_ID Search one order from a seller. GET
/orders/search?buyer=$BUYER_ID Search orders by buyer. GET$PAYMENT_ID Returns data for a payment, according to the profile of the sender of the payment. GET
/sites/$SITE_ID/payment_methods Returns the payment methods provided by Mercado Pago. GET
sites/$SITE_ID/payment_methods/$id Returns the detail of the specific payment method. GET
/orders/$ORDER_ID/feedback Get the feedback received from a buyer or seller in an order. GET POST
/feedback/$FEEDBACK_ID Change feedback PUT
/feedback/$FEEDBACK_ID/reply Returns data of a feedback by a seller. POST
/users/$SELLER_ID/order_blacklist Retrieves all blocked users for bid, on a seller's items. GET POST DELETE
/orders/$ORDER_ID/product Obtain specific information on the product sold within the order. GET