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Pre-negotiated Discount per Item

Sellers are regularly invited to participate in different website campaigns. In this type of campaign the seller previously negotiates with Mercado Libre commercial representative a discount for certain items, setting price, offered discount and granted benefit. If you received an invitation and want to join, use the resources below.

Seller view

Check details about a pre-negotiated campaign


curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN' ''


   "id": "P-MLM394001",
   "type": "PRE_NEGOTIATED",
   "status": "started",
   "start_date": "2021-03-30T18:30:15.525Z",
   "finish_date": "2021-12-27T17:59:59.525Z",
   "deadline_date": "2021-05-27T17:59:59.525Z",
   "name": "Prueba descuento x item sin benefit",
   "offers": [
           "id": "MLM848619385-f588cf87-e298-498e-82ad-285b16dd11d5",
           "original_price": 101,
           "new_price": 21,
           "status": "active",
           "start_date": "2021-05-10T16:00:00Z",
           "end_date": "2021-05-11T15:00:00Z",
           "benefits": {
               "type": "REBATE",
               "meli_percent": 9.9,
               "seller_percent": 69.3

Specific campaign fields

Offers: detail of pre-negotiated discount

  • id: offer identification.
  • original_price: original item price.
  • new_price: final item price.
  • status: promotion item status.
  • start_date: start date of offer in promotion.
  • end_date: end date of offer in promotion.

  • Benefits: promotion benefit details
        • type: benefit type.
        • meli_percent: percentage contributed by Mercado Libre.
        • seller_percent: percentage contributed by seller.


    Find below the different statutes a pre-negotiated campaign can go through.

    Status Description
    pending promotion approved but not yet started.
    started active promotion.
    finished finished promotion.

    Check items in a pre-negotiated campaign

    Perform the query below to see the items included in a pre-negotiated campaign:


    curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN' ''


       "results": [
               "id": "MLM848619385",
               "status": "candidate",
               "price": 21,
               "original_price": 101,
               "offer_id": "MLM848619385-0e2f3064-0e13-425d-b4a7-0dee85414835",
               "meli_percentage": 24.8,
               "seller_percentage": 54.5,
               "start_date": "2021-05-11T22:00:00Z",
               "end_date": "2021-05-13T01:00:00Z"
       "paging": {
           "total": 1

    When a new campaign is created, all applicable items are selected. The initial item (status) is "candidate" with a unique "offer_id". When the seller adds an item to the campaign, item status changes and goes to programmed or active.

    Item status

    The table below shows the possible item statuses in this type of campaign.

    Status Description
    candidate candidate item to participate in the promotion.
    pending approved and programmed promotion item.
    started campaign active item.
    finished Item deleted from campaign.

    Accept a pre-negotiated discount per Item.

    Once a discount has been negotiated for an item, the seller can accept the pre-negotiation with the following resource.


    curl -X POST -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN' \
    -d '{


    curl -X POST -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN' \
    -d '{


       "offer_id": "MLM848619385-f588cf87-e298-498e-82ad-285b16dd11d5",
       "price": 21,
       "original_price": 101


    deal_id: promotion identification.
    offer_id: negotiated offer identification.
    promotion_type: type of promotion (PRE_NEGOTIATED).

    Remove pre-negotiated discount

    Use this resource to Pre-negotiated Discount per Item


    curl -X DELETE -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN' '$ITEM_ID?promotion_type=$PROMOTION_TYPE&deal_id=$DEAL_ID&offer_id=$OFFER_ID'


    curl -X DELETE -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN' ''

    Response: Status 200 OK

    Remember that if an item pre-negotiated discount is removed, the item will no longer be a candidate.

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