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Last update 10/11/2023

Cross Docking

This method is available only to MLB, MLA, MLM and MLU.

In this method the seller can have a contract with Mercado Libre to work with Mercado Envíos Cross Docking, in this case the products will be collected by Mercado Libre and then shipped to the buyer.

How to use

To manage these shipments, the seller must print the label and consider the status of the shipment.


The invoice for this modality is optional, but in case the seller needs it, it is possible to upload the invoice.

- For this logistics, only in MLB the seller is obliged to inform the Nota Fiscal. This NF can be issued from Mercado Libre's invoicing system or not. If you do not use our invoicing system, you must send the invoice for this sale in order to print the label and send the product.
- Remember that the Mercado Libre invoicing system is only available for MLB.

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